Restrictions and Regulations

The thinking behind the development is that, by taking extra care in all aspects of design, a high quality environment will be created for the benefit of all who live and work here.

These restrictions and regulations may be updated from time to time and you will be notified whenever this happens.


You should avoid creating noise within your home or elsewhere on the development that could cause annoyance to other residents.

Television, music or other noise should not be audible outside the property.

You are not permitted to cause noise or disturbance in such a way as to be a nuisance to the Developer, or owners of adjoining properties or the general public.

Private Rear Gardens

House owners are responsible for maintaining the planting and landscaping within it.  Please note however that no plants may be removed that were incorporated into the garden as part of the original planning permission landscaping scheme.

You must not plant any chamaecyparis leylandi or similar fast growing conifers within your garden. You must not dump garden waste on any part of the development other than areas designated for that purpose.

Walls, Fences and other Boundary Delineations

Generally walls dividing two attached freehold properties will be party walls and a shared responsibility of the two properties.  The responsibility will be as indicated on your transfer plan.

Alterations and Additions

You are not permitted to carry out any external alterations or additions to your property without having previously obtained written consent from the Local Authority and the Developer.

This means that you cannot build any extensions or conservatories or change the external design or decoration of your property without obtaining the written consent.  Such consent is entirely at the discretion of the developer and any approval given will be on a case by case basis and should not be seen as setting a precedent.

In all cases, refusal of permission from the developer takes precedence over Local Authority Planning Department consent, so it is advisable to consult with the developer before approaching the Local Authority.


To maintain the overall presentation of the development, no dustbins or refuse bags etc should be placed in the front of the property except on such days as are recognised as refuse collection days.

Permitted Use of the Property

The properties should only be used as a private residential property or where relevant and subject to planning restrictions, a live/work unit.  You are not permitted to carry out any trade or business or manufacture of goods whatsoever at the property without the written consent.

Vehicular Use - Access and Parking

You must ensure that all vehicles brought on to the development are roadworthy and comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act and other legislation.  This means the vehicle must be taxed and insured and in a roadworthy condition.

No maintenance of vehicles is permitted on the roads, or access ways save for checking oil and water levels. Oil changes or any works to paint or body work is not permitted.

Your vehicle must not obstruct in any way, the roadways serving your or the property of your neighbour.

You must not park any commercial vehicle exceeding 3.0 metric tonnes; any caravan, motor boat, vehicle bearing any sign or advertisement other than in a garage, unless for the purposes of loading or unloading goods and deliveries by a supplier.